Truck wreck recovery - Chicago Area Fire Dept.

Recovery video of an overturned tractor-trailer and steel coils near Long Grove, IL 3/18/15 with Hillside Towing Co. Photos at shapirophotography.net and the story plus images and video of the rescue of the occupants is at chicagoareafire.com


Why Commercial Truck Insurance Is Important

Commercial trucks are used to carry a heavy load and deliver it to the given destination. So if you have a commercial truck business you need to make sure that all the vehicles you own are insured. Trucks are huge and heavy vehicles that are very expensive. So in case they get damage, paying for the repairs from your wallet will not be affordable. If the truck is insured then you can apply for a claim and all your expenses will be taken care of. Sometimes the moment you purchase the vehicle you will be provided with a policy, but if you don't get one then it is your duty to get is done yourself. This will also help you improve your relationship with your employees. This policy will also cover the injuries of the driver. But you need to make sure that you choose the right agency, because only then you will be able to get the required coverage.

The vehicles you own should be an asset for you, but without insurance it is most likely that they will get converted into a liability. Once you have found the right agency you will have nothing o worry about. But if you are looking for one then you should shop around a bit to get what you desire. First of all you need to decide what kind of load your trucks will be carrying. Because this will help you decide what you need to put into your policy. If your commercial truck is insured then, the cargo and the driver also get insured automatically. This way you will be able to rest without worrying about anything. Having a policy in hand really helps when the time comes. This is why it has been made mandatory by law for all the commercial trucks to be insured. So you actually have no choice.

Before the agent actually prepares a policy he or she will take a lot of things into consideration. These things include the age of the driver, his driving experience, the goods being transported, etc. he will draw a policy that will be beneficial to both, you and the agency. But before you sign the fine print you need to make sure that you read the fine print thoroughly and see if everything that you require is mentioned. Once you acquire commercial truck insurance, you will be able to run your business more efficiently.

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Ten Keys to Safe City Driving

Ten Keys to Safe City Driving is brought to you by http://bigcitydriver.com. Written and narrated by Ken Skaggs. 



Learn About Compressed Natural Gas CNG Fuel

Compressed Natural Gas CNG fuel is an oderless, tasteless gas that is naturally created by the decomposition of organic matter over time. The major component of Compressed Natural Gas CNG fuel is methane, one of the cleanest burning fuels known to man. What makes CNG Fuel clean? It’s chemical formula tells the story – CH4 – which means that it only contains one carbon atom along with four hydrogen atoms. With only one carbon atom, CNG fuel’s ‘carbon footprint’ is dramatically lower than gasoline (C8H18 + 25 O2) with 8 carbon atoms, or diesel (C12H23), with a minimum of 12 carbon atoms. But that’s not the entire story. When CNG fuel combusts, it’s byproduct is CO2 and H20 – or carbon dioxide and water. That is far from the case with gasoline or diesel. It is this fact alone that requires gasoline and diesel engines to require exhaust after treatment – which is needed to remove the toxic chemicals that result from diesel / gasoline combustion. In fact, diesel requires the addition of urea to ensure that exhaust emissions out of a diesel truck’s exhaust stack are compliant with Federal Clean Air requirements.
Compressed Natural Gas CNG fuel is found naturally in the ground and is routinely captured and pumped through our nation’s natural gas pipeline – but is also captured at many of our land fills through the natural decomposition of trash we throw away every day. It’s also the same gas that heats our homes and cooks our food. It’s clean, safe, and sustainable.
Want to learn more about how TruStar Energy can get you on a path to Compressed Natural Gas CNG Fuel? Visit our CNG Fueling Stations page to learn more.


Semi-Trailers: Types And Maintenance

A semi-trailer is a type of trailer where the front axle is absent. A significant proportion of its weight is carried by a road tractor, a front axle assembly which is detachable and termed a dolly, or even the tail belonging to another trailer.
A semi-trailer usually comes with a landing gear which supports it when uncoupled. Legs of the landing gear can be lowered for support.
A semi-trailer truck is a road tractor attached to a semi-trailer. It is also known as a semi or eighteen wheeler truck in the US. Typically, the fifth wheel of the truck connects to a semi-trailer Kingpin.
Each semi-trailer carries weight that is within the weight ratings limit displayed on the its identification/certification plate. There are two valid ratings: GAWR and GVWR
GAWR: The Gross Axle Weight Rating is defined as the structural capability of the lowest rated component of all running gear components, hub, wheels and drums, suspension and spring system, tires, axles, brakes, rims and bearings.
GVWR: The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is defined as the structural capability of the eighteen wheeler when it is supported by the axles and the kingpin and when the load is distributed uniformly across the cargo space.
The semi-trailer will carry a load that is equal to the GVWR, less the eighteen wheeler weight. Any cargo loaded should be properly clamped down, braced and blocked so that shifting of loads does not occur. Further,it is also required to comply with local trucking laws.
Semi-Trailer maintenance
A semi-trailer should be properly maintained in order to obtain the performance it is built for.
Electrical system: All lights and reflectors should be cleaned. It should be ensured that all lights function properly. Broken reflectors and lights that are burned out should be promptly replaced. Wiring should not be frayed and must be correctly protected. Fuses should not be replaced by metal foils. It is advisable to use parts built by the manufacturer.
Brakes: They should be maintained properly. Eighteen wheeler brakes will function as long as they are not abused. Maladjusted brakes are the principal reason for a lengthier stopping distance. The brake life will be shortened if not maintained. It is better to connect with the manufacturer's preventive maintenance service for an optimal load carrying experience.
Tires: They should not be over-inflated. Tires should be verified for correct inflation when they are cold. They should also be inspected for nail, stones and other foreign objects stuck in the rubber or between duals. It is to be ensured that the dual tires situated on any of the axle ends must have the same diameter. The total load on each tire should not exceed the figure specified by the manufacturer of the tire.
Correct usage of hand-holds and steps: Extreme caution must be adopted when using hand-holds and steps. They are subject to environmental as well as user damage. Ensure that components are maintained properly. They should be firmly attached to the body of the truck.
Safety defects
The semi-trailer manufacturer should be contacted immediately if a safety defect is found. You can also contact the relevant local administering authority. Defective trailers can prove to extremely hazardous on the road. Checking for safety defects must be treated as a priority exercise.
Contact the semi-trucks, heavy equipment specialists at ITAG Trucks & Equipment for more information on drop deck trailer or dump trucks
by Chris CH Green

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2017 Big Rig Truck Show, Massive 18 Wheeler Display, I-75 Chrome Shop

2017 Florida I-75 Chrome Shop Truck Show. Better than ever. More trucks than I have seen in prior years. Business must be good! Great trucks and proud owners. Thanks owners for taking time to show off your equipment.


Daily preparations make getting through Roadcheck easier

Pilot Flying J offers Roadcheck 
advice and updates on roadside service.

Michael Donner, regional manger with Pilot Flying J Truck Care, has advice for any truck drivers that might be cramming to be ready.

“Drivers should be preparing daily for these inspections and not just this one big push,” he said.

Donner spoke with Fleet Owner in advance of the 30th annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, scheduled for June 6-8. Guided by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, inspectors throughout North America will conduct tens of thousands of checks on vehicles and drivers at 1,500 locations during this 72-hour period. Many will be the Level I inspections, a thorough 37-step process.

Learn more at: http://fleetowner.com/equipment/daily-preparations-make-getting-through-roadcheck-easier


A&T Road Service - We'll Get You Back on the Road!

At A&T "Mobile" Truck Road Service we like to think of ourselves as the "Ambulance Service for Trucks." If your truck is broken down, we will come to you and perform the necessary triage to get you back on the road. Now includes towing, load adjustments, and more.

A&T "Mobile" Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Road Service is a 24-hour, 7-days a week roadside mobile truck repair service for light and medium-duty to heavy duty commercial trucks and trailers. A&T Road Service, a subsidiary of North Bay Truck Center.

Our fleet incudes a 2014 Kenworth (Shown in video) with a 500 hp Cummins and 18-speed gearbox is outfitted with an NRC Quickswap detachable tow unit with a tag axle for extra capacity. This allows the truck to be a wrecker and also a transfer vehicle, so with the unit disconnected, it will tow mobile home units, trailers of all kinds and with the wrecker unit attached is capable of lifting up to 20,000 lb steer axles for heavy duty truck towing. This unit can easily to HD trucks, buses, mobile homes.

Not only do we provide 24 Hour Emergency service, we could come out and do light mechanical work on site to our customer's fleet and avoid the truck having to come in the shop.We will go just about anywhere for anything, at anytime. We have a wide normal service area and have been known to go beyond those boundaries by request. See our Service Area.

Below is a bullet point list of services by A&T Road Service.

 New: In-House TOWING
            Fully Equipped Mobile Repair Units
            Tire Replacement
            Load Adjustments
            Fuel Delivery
            Vehicle Storage
            DOT & BIT Inspections
            Crane Inspections
            Glass Replacement
            Vehicle Rentals
            Liftgate Repairs and Service
            Tens of Thousands of Parts In Stock

North Bay Truck Center is centrally located in Fairfield CA to service all of Solano County along with much of the San Francisco/Oakland bay area and Sacramento. A&T Road Service is available by calling 800-434-1205,

You can also visit our website at http://www.NorthBayTruckCenter.com