Daily preparations make getting through Roadcheck easier

Pilot Flying J offers Roadcheck 
advice and updates on roadside service.

Michael Donner, regional manger with Pilot Flying J Truck Care, has advice for any truck drivers that might be cramming to be ready.

“Drivers should be preparing daily for these inspections and not just this one big push,” he said.

Donner spoke with Fleet Owner in advance of the 30th annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, scheduled for June 6-8. Guided by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, inspectors throughout North America will conduct tens of thousands of checks on vehicles and drivers at 1,500 locations during this 72-hour period. Many will be the Level I inspections, a thorough 37-step process.

Learn more at: http://fleetowner.com/equipment/daily-preparations-make-getting-through-roadcheck-easier

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