When Your Truck Is Down

The very first thing you need to do with a truck down is be immediately aware of your personal safety. If you are on a busy highway stay in your vehicle and you may need to call 911 if an accident has or could easily occur due to traffic or fuel spills or if you are hauling dangerous goods. Follow safety procedures and put on hazard lights, lay out flares, or reflective triangles or lights, and wear bright clothing.

Your location of where your truck went down should be your next task. A GPS on a smart phone is an excellent way to identify what major route you are near, the names of the highway or streets. This will help you prepare to inform others of where your truck is down.

Notify the owner of the truck unless you are the owner. You may want to notify your dispatcher and or company heavy truck mechanic if you are using a business or commercial truck. Family or friends might be a good place to call, a mobile phone or satellite computer system will come is handy here. If you are stranded in cold weather stay with your vehicle.

Again, a smart phone with a Google browser will come in very handy for this step where you will look for local service to help repair or tow your truck. Using the GPS on the smart phone to find your location, then searching for mobile truck repair services or truck towing in that area. TruckDown.com is a great resource.

Mobile truck repair companies have fees that differ greatly by city. If you travel along a regular route or just in the same area all the time, you may pick truck shops that have mobile truck repair services you can trust. It is a matter of establishing relations in each of the cities where you travel and keeping all mobile rig repair service information handy when you truck goes down.

Written by Darren Chabluk for WinnipegTruckRepair.com

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