Tips for Winter Truck Driving

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Driving a truck in the winter can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers. There are many precautions that drivers should take while driving in winter weather conditions.

Truck drivers should always listen to their CB while driving in winter conditions. Many other drivers will be able to tip off other drivers when the weather conditions worsen ahead. Also many companies offer weather updates at least once per day. It is very important to pay attention to the weather advisory while driving in winter conditions.

Another useful tip that experienced drivers offer is to take all ramps at least 5 miles per hour less than the posted signs. The posted limits on ramps are designed for standard conditions in automobiles. Anytime trucks are traveling in bad weather it is better be safe than sorry.

A good indicator of icy roads it to keep an eye on the back of the side view mirrors. When ice starts to build up on the back of the side view mirror it will most likely also be on the road ahead.
Always pay attention to oncoming traffic. If traffic heading in the direction that the driver is going has slowed down, or there is a minimal amount of trucks in oncoming traffic, it is a good indicator that weather conditions ahead have worsened.

Most importantly, drivers should always drive only in their comfort zone. The safety of a driver and the other drivers on the road is always more important than any load that needs to meet its destination. Anytime conditions worsen to a point that the driver is out of their comfort zone or skill level it is advised to shut down and resume driving only after conditions have improved.

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