Guide To Engine & Transmission Oil Coolers

Upgrading engine and transmission cooling systems is cheap insurance for preventing overheating issues

Gas or diesel, two-wheel-drive or four, today’s pickups and SUVs are remarkable vehicles. They are much more comfortable than those of yesteryear, their engines are making a lot more power with better fuel economy, and the transmissions are velvet smooth.

Cooling systems are also improving with each new model, as well. In fact, today’s new pickups are far more advanced than those found back five years.

That’s because every year the vehicle manufacturers drivetrain engineering teams take their new models to the desert Southwest in mid-summer, load them to the maximum trailer and gross combined ratings, then drive them up the steepest grades in triple-digit heat time and time again.

Such extreme testing is done to make sure the factory cooling systems are capable of sustaining operating temperatures within the safe working zones for both engine oils and transmission fluids.


But if your fleet is using older pickups, or buying used ones that are 5- 10-years old and refurbishing them for heavy-duty towing use, you need to take a close look at the cooling systems.

By: Bruce Smith (Hard Working Trucks)

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